Create a Recruitment Flyer

To create a recruitment flyer and submit it for approval, follow these easy steps.
When complete, submit the form to your Recruitment Coordinator for review.
  1. Select your Recruitment Coordinator and Service Unit number.
  2. Fill out your contact information.
  3. Select if you are printing flyers for an event or just having a event without flyers. If printing flyers, select the front of the flyer and fill out one of the available templates with your event information.
  4. Fill in your event information, including nearby schools where you plan to distribute flyers or advertise your event.
  5. If printing flyers, fill out the printing and pickup preferences.
All items in red are required
Recruitment Coordinator & Service Unit
The first step in the process will be to select your Recruitment Coordinator and Service Unit. Select your Recruitment Coordinator first - this will fill the Service Unit list with only those service units that Recruitment Coordinator is responsible for.
Recruitment Coordinator:
Service Unit Number:


Requestor Information
The second step is to provide information about the person making the request. This gives us a point of contact for the flyer order and the event.
  (numbers only)
  (numbers only)


Create the Event Flyer


Recruitment Event Information
In step 4, we gather details of the event - what day, what time, where the event will be held and what schools are nearby.
Please Allow 10 working days for event approval and printing when scheduling an event.
Type the name of your location into the box above. As you type, the list will display those locations that match what has been typed.

If your event location is not listed above, click on the checkbox below and enter it in the spaces provided. The information will be verified by your Membership Specialist and added to the list.
Select the schools you plan to either distribute flyers to or advertise your event at. To select multiple schools, hold down the Control <CTRL> key while makiing your selections.
If your school is not listed above, enter it below. The information will be verified, linked to your request and added to the list of schools if the school is not already in the list.
** NOTE: When entering additional schools, please include the school district.**


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