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GSSUEvent DateStartsEndsEvent LocationLocation Address
15401/05/20156:30 PM7:30 PMSt. Mark's Catholic School1105 W 15th at Alma, Plano, TX, 75075
16501/09/20156:30 PM7:30 PMThurgood Marshall Elementary9666 Ferris Branch Blvd., Dallas, TX, 75243
13401/12/20156:30 PM7:30 PMK B Polk Eleamntary6911 Victoria Ave , Dallas, TX 75209
16501/13/20156:30 PM7:30 PMAikin Elementary12300 Pleasant Valley Drive, Dallas, TX, 75243
16101/14/20156:30 PM7:30 PMDover Elementary700 Dover Drive, Richardson, TX, 75080
13401/15/20154:00 PM5:00 PMIgnacio Zaragosa Elementary School 4550 Worth Street, Dallas, TX, 75246
16101/15/20156:30 PM7:30 PMCarolyn G. Bukhair13900 Maham Rd, Dallas, TX 75240
13301/15/20156:30 PM7:30 PMWithers Elementary3959 Northaven Rd , Dallas, TX 75229
16501/20/20156:00 PM7:00 PMAudelia Creek Elementary12600 Audelia Rd., Dallas, TX 75243
13301/20/20156:00 PM7:00 PMDeGolyer Elementary3453 Flair Rd., Dallas, TX 75229
16101/21/20156:00 PM7:00 PMRichardson Heights Elementary101 N. Floyd Road, Richardson, TX, 75080
16501/22/20156:00 PM7:00 PMHamilton Park Pacesetter Magnet cafeteria8301 Towns St., Dallas, TX 75243
16101/23/20156:30 PM7:30 PMArapaho Classical Magnet in the Gym1300 Cypress Dr., Richardson, TX 75080
16501/26/20156:30 PM7:30 PMForest Lane Academy9663 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX, 75243
18401/27/20156:00 PM7:30 PMMalvern Elementary School1100 E. El Dorado Parkway, McKinney, TX, 75069
18801/27/20156:00 PM7:30 PMMalvern Elementary School1100 E. El Dorado Parkway, McKinney, TX, 75069
18901/27/20156:00 PM7:30 PMMalvern Elementary School1100 E. El Dorado Parkway, McKinney, TX, 75069
16201/27/20156:30 PM7:30 PMCanyon Creek Elementary2100 Copper Ridge, Richardson, TX 75080
16501/28/20156:30 PM7:30 PMMoss Haven Elementary9202 Moss Farm Ln., Dallas, TX 75243
16501/29/20156:30 PM7:30 PMSkyview Elementary9229 Meadowknoll Drive, Dallas, TX, 75243
16501/30/20156:30 PM7:30 PMWhite Rock Elementary9229 Chiswell Road, Dallas, TX, 75238
16002/03/20156:30 PM7:30 PMPrestonwood Elementary6525 La Cosa, Dallas, TX, 75248
16202/04/20156:30 PM7:30 PMMohawk Elementary1500 Mimosa, Richardson, TX 75080
16202/05/20156:30 PM7:30 PMGreenwood Hills Elementary1313 Westshore Dr., Richardson, TX 75080
16002/06/20156:30 PM7:30 PMBowie Elementary7643 La Manga Dr., Dallas, TX 75248
10102/10/20156:00 PM8:00 PMCurtis Middle School1530 Rivercrest Blvd., Allen, TX, 75002
10502/10/20156:00 PM8:00 PMCurtis Middle School1530 Rivercrest Blvd., Allen, TX, 75002
16502/10/20156:30 PM7:30 PMStults Road Elementary8700 Stults Road, Dallas, TX, 75243
16302/11/20156:30 PM7:30 PMRichardson Terrace Elementary300 N. Dorothy Drive, Richardson, TX, 75081
16302/12/20156:30 PM7:30 PMMark Twain Elementary1200 Lakespur Drive, Richardson, TX, 75081
16002/20/20156:30 PM7:30 PMSpring Creek Elementary 7667 Roundrock Rd, Dallas, TX, 75248
17202/24/20156:30 PM7:30 PMJ. W. Long Elementary Cafeteria300 Creekside Drive, Terrell, TX, 75160